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Contents of the TMG Exhibition

Last updated 03/16/15

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Contents of the TMG Exhibition

Disaster Preparedness Measures in a Major City

Damage Estimates for Tokyo

Increase in Disaster Prevention Capabilities Through Training

Measures for Stranded Commuters

Major Damage Expected in Districts with Close-set Wooden Houses

Ten-year Project to Advance Fire Resistance in Close-set Wooden Housing Areas

Advancing the Seismic Resistance of Buildings along Emergency Transportation Roads

Seismic Retrofitting of Bridges

Metropolitan Parks that will serve as bases for search and rescue operations

Facilities at Disaster Prevention Parks

River Facilities Protecting Lowland Areas from Storm Surges/Earthquake Damage

Hidden Underground Facilities Protect Tokyo from Floods

Flood Control in Tokyo: Monitoring the Situation 24/7

Network for Crisis Management

Overview of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Efforts in Collaboration with Disaster Affected Areas

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