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How to Use the Text-to-Speech Function

The Tokyo Disaster Prevention website uses ReadSpeaker, a text-to-speech service.

Providing text-to-speech functions allows the elderly and persons who are visually impaired, or whose eyes tire easily, to comfortably use the Tokyo Disaster Prevention website. Use of this service is free and requires no special applications or plug-ins.

How to Use

Look for the “Listen” button above the main content to activate text-to-speech service.


To Begin Voice Reading


Click anywhere on the button to start.

Reading Functions


Pause, stop and other functions are accessible once reading begins.

  • Seek Bar
    The user can confirm progress status and jump to desired parts.
  • Speaker Icon
    Adjusts the volume.
  • Gear Icon
    Adjusts reading settings such as text highlighting and reading speed, and toggles auto scrolling, section reading and other functions on or off.
  • Download Arrow
    Allows users to download voice reading data as an MP3 file.

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