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Private information protection policies

Personal information collected, used and managed on this website is handled following the rules and regulations outlined in " TMG Regulation Concerning Protection of Personal Information", and all users can use this site knowing their information is kept secure.

Personal information

Personal identifiers that are provided to the TMG via this website may include a user's address, name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

Collecting personal information

In principle, the TMG collects (registers) personal information only when it is provided voluntarily.
The TMG shows the intended use when collecting personal information.
The TMG collects personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the stated objective.

Restricted use of personal information

The TMG uses provided (registered) personal information only within the stated range. Personal information will never be used for other purposes for appropriate implementing agencies (*) or provide them to inappropriate implementing agencies except when regulations on protection of personal information designates.

* "Implementation agencies" refers to the governor of Tokyo, administrative commission, public enterprise administrator, fire commissioner, and heads of administrative agencies designated in Tokyo regulations.

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