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Personal Information Privacy Policy

This website collects, uses and handles personal information based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information, and takes proper measures as described below to endeavor in providing a website that everyone can use with peace of mind.

Personal Information

Personal information refers to addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other personally identifying information provided via use of this website to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


This policy applies only to this website, and does not apply to other websites linked to by this website. The handling of information on linked websites is the responsibility of each respective owner.

Collection of Personal Information

As a general rule, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government collects personal information voluntarily provided (registered) by users.
Personal information will be collected after the purpose is clearly specified, and the collection is only within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose.

Restrictions on the Use of Personal Information

The provided (registered) personal information will be used only within the scope stated in advance. Implementing agencies (*) will not use your personal information beyond the stated purpose or share it with external agencies unless otherwise stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
However, information such as statistically processed user attributes may be disclosed only if it does not contain any personal information.

* “Implementing agencies” refers to those that handle personal information, including the Governor of Tokyo, government committees, public enterprise managers, the Fire Chief of the Tokyo Fire Department, and the heads of other government agencies stipulated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government regulations.

Handling of Personal Information

The website administrator shall strictly manage collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent information leakage, misappropriation or falsification.
The management of this website may be entrusted to an external party who shall take similar appropriate measures.

Non-Personally Identifying Information

This website automatically collects information such as your internet domain name, IP address and browsing environment (“User Information”).
The User Information collected is limited to information for the purpose of improving the usability of this website and shall be used only for that purpose. However, statistically processed information such as site access information and browsing environment information may be disclosed.

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