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Contact us

Category Department Phone
Contact List
General Disaster Prevention (primary contact) Public Relations and Operation, Management Section, Disaster Prevention Division, Bureau of Affairs 03(5388)2453 (direct)
Storm/Flood Damage Disaster Prevention Section, River Division,
Bureau of Construction
03(5320)5431 (direct)
Local Risk Levels Disaster Prevention Coordination, Planning Section, Urban Development Division, Bureau of Urban Development 03(5388)5123 (direct)
On quake-resilience check/quake-proofing/quake-proofing subsidy for wooden buildings along major emergency transit roads Building Planning Section, Urban Building Division, Bureau of Urban Development 03(5388)3362 (direct)
Privately-owned Building Earthquake Resistance Testing and Upgrading Privately-owned Building Section,
Urban Building Division, Bureau of Urban Development
03(5388)4944 (direct)
Electricity Nearest Tokyo Electric Power Company office  
City Gas Nearest branch office, or Tokyo Gas customer center 0570-002211
Telephone Line Nearest branch/business office of NTT,
or #Disaster Prevention Office, Facility Division,
NTT Tokyo branch
Water Public Relations Section, General Affairs Division, Bureau of Waterworks 03(5320)6313 (direct)
Police Department Public relations, Disaster Measure Section, Defense Division, MPD 03(3581)4321 (extension: 55531)
Fire Department Public hearing (#Citizens Advisory Center),
Public Relations Section, Public Relations and Education Division, TFD
03(3212)2111 (extension: 2325, 2326, 2327, or 2328)

First-aid, Service Teams, Relief/Rescue, etc.

Business Relief Section, Tokyo branch, Japan Red Cross 03(5237)6744 (direct)
Consultation on Construction/Earthquake Resistance Tokyo Association of Architecture Firms (Consultations are available every Wed.) 03(5339)8288 (direct)
Preparing Disaster Supplies and Emergency Stockpiles Sales Department, Tokyo Katsushika Welfare Factory 03(3608)3541 (direct)
Volunteering Tokyo Voluntary Action Center 03(3235)1171

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