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Home Seismic Retrofitting

Diagnose your home's earthquake-resistance

Human lives are lost in the collapse of buildings. Buildings built to old pre-1981 earthquake-proofing standards are thought to be especially vulnerable to earthquakes. Perform an earthquake-resistance test on your home and do any necessary reinforcements. There are some municipalities that provide subsidies for earthquake-resistance tests and reinforcements. Please contact your local municipality office for further information.

Consultation service for earthquake-resistance testing/reinforcement

The TMG and some municipalities have consultation services available to answer your questions about earthquake-resistance testing reinforcement. Please feel free to contact them.

Subsidies for earthquake-resistance test/reinforcement

The TMG and some municipalities have a system in place for owners to help them finance a part of expenses associated with undergoing earthquake-resistance testing/reinforcement. Please make use of this system. For more details, please contact the relevant departments through the links below.

Earthquake-resistance testing that can be performed by anyone

In order to proceed with measures for making wooden homes more resistant to earthquakes, it is at first important to know about your own home's quake resistance. Accordingly, we have prepared a method for approximately judging the earthquake-resistance of a typical wooden detached home which is based on the results of studies on past earthquakes and regulations of the Building Standards Law. Please check your home using this method.

Apartment management guidelines

We have developed "“apartment management guidelines"” to provide information on apartment management. Issues covered include items that developers should make aware to prospective purchasers when selling housing units (from the initiation of sale up to moving-in), and detailed items and standards that management associations can use for better management and maintenance of apartments.

Subsidy program for earthquake-resistance test on apartments

As apartment buildings are multi-dwelling structures and substantially larger than detached homes, damage to people and the area may be catastrophic if such buildings collapse because of a disaster. Looking at past disasters resulting from earthquakes we can see that buildings built on quake-resistance standards set before 1981 suffered serious damage.
Using the subsidy program, the TMG subsidizes municipalities in Tokyo to support earthquake-resistance testing on apartments. This in turn helps to relieve concerns of citizens residing in these apartments, and reduce damage from collapsing apartments during earthquakes.

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