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Evacuation Center/Evacuation area

1 Evacuation Center


As of April 1, 2013, Tokyo Metropolis has secured 2,937 evacuation centers (including facilities, etc. secured based on agreements) and 1,209 secondary evacuation centers (welfare evacuation centers) in the metropolitan region. The number of people those evacuation centers can accommodate is approximately 3.28 million people. Meanwhile, the earthquake resistance construction ratio of public junior high schools and high schools in the metropolitan region is almost 100%.

2 Evacuation areas


As evacuation areas of Tokyo Metropolis, 197 areas have been designated as of May 2013 to protect lives of residents against earthquakes of fires. Specifically, large parks, residential complexes, universities, etc. have been designated. An evacuation area is designated in a way that makes the evacuation distance up to the designated evacuation area less than 3km, and in a way that makes the space per person of the evacuation plan's population in principle 1m2 or more, considering the radiation heat from large-scale city fires which may occur around evacuation areas.

Outline of evacuation areas, etc. (Bureau of Urban Development, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

3 Temporary evacuation areas

Temporary evacuation areas are places where nearby evacuees temporarily gather to see the situation before evacuating to evacuation areas or evacuees temporarily form groups for the evacuation, which are school yards, nearby parks, etc. with spaces which ensure the safety of people who gather.

4 Look up Evacuation Centers and Evacuation areas

Searching for evacuation centers or evacuation areas in Tokyo Metropolis on a map

5 Flow of Evacuation

The way of evacuation to evacuation centers or evacuation areas varies depending on the situation of a disaster.

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