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Regarding "Disaster Readiness Guide", the disaster prevention booklet from the viewpoint of women

Last updated 02/16/18

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has created "Disaster Readiness Guide", a disaster prevention booklet from the viewpoint of women, with the aim of encouraging the involvement of women in disaster prevention and promoting for citizens more detailed disaster preparation .
The first step in disaster prevention begins by picking up this booklet.

1 What is "Disaster Readiness Guide"?


Disaster prevention measures that citizens can implement naturally in their everyday life, and how to cope with various problems of life during a disaster such as breast feeding and crime prevention at evacuation centers are listed.

Utilizes endearing illustrations and characters to introduce disaster prevention measures that can be implemented in different scenarios in everyday life.

  • Disaster prevention when going out
    Introduces points to check on routes to school and workplace, and safer clothing styles to wear outdoors
  • Disaster prevention by tidying up
    Introduces how to stack plates, to put away cookware right after use, securing a clear line to exits, and measures that do not require making a hole in the wall to prevent furniture from falling over, or moving

Introduces practical knowledge and information to live in a safe and secure way even under difficult circumstances in the event of a disaster, along with experiences of disaster victims

  • Food and cooking during an at home evacuation
  • How to live at evacuation centers
    Changing clothes and hanging up washing to be done in a designated space, and evacuees to share roles
  • Crime prevention at evacuation centers
    Protect yourself by being with a group, and do not allow children to be unaccompanied
  • How to live with pets at an evacuation center

Each page has a voice code in order to make this book available to as many people as possible including people with visual impairment, etc.
*in Japanese only

Size of booklet

B6 (Same size as "Tokyo Bousai") 164 pages


One million copies of the first edition

2 Contents


Opening Article 15 Things That You Can Do Now!

Introduces measures that can help the people who read it to be aware  that even minor things can  help toward disaster prevention, and that they are easy to implement in their everyday life

Chapter One Begin a Lifestyle that Will Help You Survive

Advance preparation that can be implemented in everyday life

Chapter Two Things to Remember in Case of a Disaster

Basic knowledge that helps to act calmly in the event of a disaster

Chapter Three Visualize Post-Disaster Life

Practical knowledge and information to live in a safe and secure way after a disaster hits

3 Start of set up

March 1st, 2018 (Thursday)

4 Location of set up

Set up at around 9,000 places such as at municipal office facilities, private business operators and other stores and offices in Tokyo (as of February 16th, 2018)
* Please refer to the following for more information on the set up location.

  • Disaster Readiness Guide call center

* Use of dedicated rack is planned for set up.

Dedicated rack

5 Regarding Disaster Readiness Guide call center

A call center has been set up as below, and is accepting your inquiries regarding "Disaster Readiness Guide".

  1. Phone: 03-6302-8641
  2. Set up period: February 1st, 2018 (Thursday) to June 29th, 2018 (Friday)
  3. Reception hours: 10:00 to 19:00 (except on weekends and national holidays)

This is a business related to "The Action Plan for 2020".
"Safe City  Pillar of policy 2  Improving disaster preparedness through self-help, mutual assistance, and government support"

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