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Regarding the response of the Metropolitan Government concerning the nuclear test by North Korea


Regarding the implementation of the nuclear test by North Korea today (September 3), the sequence of events to date and correspondence of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are as follows.

1 Sequence of Events and Future Correspondence

Around 12:31                   The Meteorological Agency observes seismic waves with epicenter in the vicinity of North Korea

Around 12:50                   The possibility of nuclear test reported on news

Around 12:58                   Information shared with relevant department within the Agency concerning possibility of the nuclear test

Around 15:30                   Tokyo Metropolitan Crisis Management Meeting held

(Future Correspondence)

- Measurement and announcement to be made in cooperation with related institutions concerning the radiation dose in Tokyo

- Accurate information to be provided timely to citizens, utilizing websites and Twitter

2 Comments from the Governor

Today, North Korea enforced its 6th nuclear test, following the implementation on September 9 last year, committing violent acts which severely impair peace and security in Northeast Asia and the international community. Such behavior from North Korea, repeated provocation by nuclear tests and ballistic missile, ignoring the warnings and condemnations of the international community, shall be strongly resented and rigorously protested.

In response to this circumstance, the Metropolitan Government shall take utmost countermeasures such as promptly holding a crisis management meeting, as well as posting accurate information to citizens, to maintain the safety and security of citizens.

We shall urge the government to take necessary measures continuously to ensure peace and safety of Japan, as well as cooperating with the international community to solve the problems of nuclear weapons, missile, and abduction.

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