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Prepare for disaster with "daily stockpiles" - Are you prepared at home? -


Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing the "Stockpiling by citizens of Tokyo promotion project" with the purpose of encouraging each household to build "daily stockpiles" in preparation for natural disasters that can occur at any time.

To build "daily stockpiles" means to buy a little extra food and essentials of the kind that is normally consumed, and create a stockpile of supplies that can be used even when lifeline utilities and distribution channels are disrupted for a certain period due to a large-scale disaster. This method makes stockpiling much easier to manage and continue, compared to the previous concept of stockpiling which was "Special preparation to get ready things not normally used".

Based on situations that may occur in the event of an earthquake directly hitting Tokyo, this book contains information regarding items considered necessary to stock, how to spend time in the event of a disaster, and recipes using food from a stockpile. There are various ways of stockpiling, and what is considered necessary depends on the family structure and family situation. Build "daily stockpiles" on a routine basis by referring to this book, and therefore be better prepared for natural disasters.

  • Director / Risk&Crisis management educational institute Inc.  Crisis management advisor Nobue Kunizaki (expect for 4 Five key points for stockpiling - From "Tokyo Bousai" -)
  • Recipe provided / Risk&Crisis management educational institute Certified disaster prevention cooking advisor Kayoko Suzuki

1 How life is affected by a large-scale disaster

2 What is "daily stockpiles"

3 Explanation of stock items

4 Five key points for stockpiling - From "Tokyo Bousai" -

5 How to utilize food ingredients during a disaster

6 Recipes using stocked foods

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